The Secret of Affirmations Part 1

I know what you are thinking…You have tried affirmations before, but they really don’t work.  Sure, for a couple of days, you feel hopeful and even empowered but your affirmations either quickly fall by the wayside, or, maybe you were consistent, but never saw any real results.  Trust me when I say that I understand. Continue reading “The Secret of Affirmations Part 1”

Victim or Victor, You Decide

One of my friends use to refer to the human race as the Valley of the Walking Wounded. This was in acknowledgement of the fact that few of us have escaped life’s turmoils and hardships.  Few of us have grown up with our esteem perfectly in tact. We all have stories to tell and manyContinue reading “Victim or Victor, You Decide”

Who Do You Think You Are?

When I start with the premise that at the core of our beings, we are connected to all that exists, I realize that the statement that “Nothing is impossible” is true.  I think, at some levels, we all believe that nothing is impossible.  That resonates with us from somewhere deep within.  However, it seems thatContinue reading “Who Do You Think You Are?”