I Tell My Body What to Do Part 2

As a reminder, Part 1 of this article talked about our ability to control our feelings.  No one can make you feel a certain way; it is your thoughts about whatever the person did that causes your feelings.  Since we have control of our thoughts, if we change our thoughts, we change our feelings.  But what if you feel a physical pain in your body because you are sick or because you, say, twisted your ankle?  Can you control how you feel then?

My thinking is that if, indeed, I am connected to the source of all that exists and the source of infinite knowledge, then I should be able to tap into this source at will.  I had started doing an affirmation:  “I am in perfect health ‘cuz I tell my body what to do.”  I loved doing this affirmation because it helped me to remember that there is a ME that is more than just the physical form that I see in the mirror everyday.  It helped me to believe that I didn’t have to let my body dictate how I was going to feel on any given day; I have the power to tell my body how to feel.  However, I failed to be consistent and allowed this affirmation to fall by the wayside.

Later in the year, I decided to train for a 100 mile biking event.  Because I only had a couple of months to train, I focused on increasing my mileage each week, but I did not focus on my speed at all.  All of my rides were slow, easy rides.  But on the day of the event, I was peddling the bike faster than I ever had before.

And, by mile 55, my quadriceps were on fire, heavy, and I knew there would be no way I could go on another 45 miles.  What was I thinking?  Why was I riding so fast?  I mentally kicked myself over and over again.  I knew I was going to have to bail out of the event at the next rest stop—mile 63.  I had let myself down.  I hanged my head in shame and I barely had the energy to continue to pedal.

But, wait!  What was that affirmation that I used to do?  “I am in perfect health.  I tell my body what to do!”  I repeated that affirmation aloud over and over again as I pedaled to the rhythm of the words.  My thoughts started changing, my mood started changing, and before I knew what happened, I was crossing the finish line, stronger and faster than I ever thought possible!

So, there you have it.  I was able to control the way I felt.  I remembered to try that technique again once when I felt overcome with stomach pain, dizziness, and headache.  It worked!  Now, my task is to remember that technique with whatever ails me.  I believe with the right mindset, I can control not just my emotions, but also my feelings.  I believe we all can!

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