Who Do You Think You Are?

When I start with the premise that at the core of our beings, we are connected to all that exists, I realize that the statement that “Nothing is impossible” is true.  I think, at some levels, we all believe that nothing is impossible.  That resonates with us from somewhere deep within.  However, it seems that this belief is VERY deep within, and we don’t know how to access the truth of the statement.

But if we start to wrap our minds around the idea that we are connected to the mind of God or to the heartbeat of the universe, then we begin to realize that what is available to one is available to all.  If one person can gain access, then so can we all.

When I have problems to solve and I have exhausted all of the tools that my finite self can come up with, I remember that God has at least a million ways to solve this one problem.  And, though I may have only come up with 3 or 4 possible solutions that were woefully inadequate, there are hundreds of other solutions that lay with God or the universe or any and everything that has come before me and that will come after me.  I only need to ask for help and be willing to receive my answers.  Of course, there are ways to ask for help and ways to receive answers that we will discuss in another article.  But for now, I just want you to sit with the idea that anything that you can think of really is possible.  And, that you can gain access to the exact answers that you need to create whatever imagery is floating through your beautiful mind.

I recently heard someone say that every decision that we make is based on the way we answer this one simple question, “Who am I?”  Your answer to that question colors every single move that you make.  When you think of yourself as small and insignificant, you make very different decisions than when you think of yourself as having access to the creative powers of God or of the universe.  Think of yourself as living the life you would LOVE to live.  Pretend that you are that person right now.  How would the next major decision that you have to make be different when you are the person living the life that you love?

For the next week, let’s practice expanding our definition of who we are.  Recognize that we are a part of all that exists and that we have access to every possibility that exists.  Spend some quiet time in nature this week.  Really take the time to see what is in front of your eyes.  Acknowledge your connection to it.  Take a second look at all the people you see.  Acknowledge that they, too, are a part of you and at your very core, you both are a part of this same divine, glorious creation.

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