The Biggest Lesson I Learned Last Year Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we talked about how a dream is different than a goal.  A goal is something you want to obtain and you can pretty much list the necessary steps towards completing the goal.  A dream is something you would love to obtain but it is beyond your current knowledge as to how to bring it into existence.

I also mentioned that because I believed that I could figure out a way to make anything happen, I believed that I was incapable of having a dream.  However, I came to realize that I had a blind spot:  I had only been considering ideas from the subset of things that I thought were realistic for me.  I had not been considering ideas from the pool of all things possible in our vast universe.

From the pool of all things possible, it quickly became apparent that there are many, many things that I would have absolutely no idea of how to begin to wrap my mind around, and I was tasked with determining what I would LOVE to do, be, or have.  Believe it or not, there was a voice in me that had been whispering the answer to this question to me all along, for many, many years.  And now, the voice leaped out at me in a way that told me it was happy to finally be free to be birthed through me!

Mind you, up until this point, I wasn’t even sure why it was important to have a dream that you had no idea of how to make happen.  What I understand now is that your dream is for you!  It is in your heart because it wants to be born through you.  I believe, as in my case, you already know what that dream is.  It is whispering softly in the background of your mind, waiting for the chance to be heard on that day when you finally move beyond what is realistic, and, instead, be open to what is possible.

I suspect that there is not just one grand dream for everyone.  I suspect that for some of us, there may be several dreams waiting for their chance to be expressed through us.  I also suspect that some of you may be thinking that your dream is so self-centered or maybe so insignificant, that whether it comes to fruition or not would really make no difference in the whole scheme of things.  Well, this brings me to the biggest lesson that I have learned this year:

In order for me to be the person who will accomplish my dream, I have to expand my definition of who I am.  The person whom I pretend to be is too small.  My dream is causing me to step outside of this confinement and to be more of who I really am.  I am the one who is connected to the source of all that exists.  Not knowing all of the steps to create my dream in advance causes me to tap into the source to which I am always granted access.  Being aware of and relying on this access changes everything for me.  I realize that as I am creating my dream, my dream is creating me.  Birthing my dream gives me new life.  My expansion feels, oh, so good!  I can’t wait to see who I become as a result of that voice that I decided to give life.

I cant wait to see who you will become when you decide to follow your dreams too!

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