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NEW Book Alert! Superpower Activated!: The Adventurous Tales of Maximus and O'Shea

Is it possible? Do we all have a super power that is waiting to be noticed and used?


Maximus and O’Shea have been friends their entire lives. Lately, O’Shea has noticed that Maximus has been going a bit against the norm for no apparent reason. But, one thing was for sure, the road that Maximus was traveling on was always going to take them on a mind-blowing adventure!


Join in on the fun as these two preteen boys tell how they uncover hidden treasures that may be buried within us all!

Through Her Own Eyes: Tarva's Journey to Self-Love

Tavra is upset because she feels that no one treats her kindly. But, she meets a beautiful princess and learns that God made her perfectly and that it is the quirky things about her that make her truly one-of-a-kind. Facing herself in the mirror, Tavra is finally able to say, "Tavra, I love you for just being you!"


This beautifully illustrated children's book tugs at the heart as it highlights real feelings that kids have as they discover who they are. It is a must-have in every child's library! Grab one today for all of the children you love!

At Least A Million Ways: Tarva Imagines Her Possibilities

A charming book that encourages young readers to use and develop their imaginations. Tavra is upset due to an injury that threatened to disrupt her plans. But, a beautiful princess appears and reminds Tavra that God has at least a million ways to get anything done and that Tavra can use her imagination to pick an option she loves (instead of focusing on the worst possible scenarios).


By using her imagination, Tavra is able to see that all things are possible showing kids that even "impossible" obstacles can be overcome when they use their imaginations. It is a must-have in every child's library! Grab one today for all of the children you love!

Unexpected Friends: Tavra Finds Joy in Nature

Tavra travels to an enchanted island to spend her vacation with her Auntie and Uncle B but feels bored and lonely due to the quiet, slow-paced days. Then the beautiful Princess Vati appears and shows Tavra how to communicate with all of the wonderful messengers around her. Tavra learns how to listen with her heart and is thrilled and surprised by what the messengers have to say to her.


This vibrantly illustrated, children’s book will leave the reader smiling as it opens up a world of wonder and encourages kids to expand their relationship with all of the extraordinary elements of nature. It is a must-have in every child’s library!

When Black Women Speak, The Universe Listens

A universal message tailored to Black Women, When Black Women Speak, the Universe Listens is an easy-to-read, thought-provoking, and often funny gem.  Arvat reveals secrets to her own success, against all odds.  She once was a poor, shy, suicidal girl who was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused; now, she is a healthy, happy, educated, financially successful woman who has been married to the love of her life for 23 years.


In these inspiring pages, Arvat shares with us how she is learning to love herself, connect with her spirit, shore up her faith, become fearless, and recognize the oneness of the universe.

A few of the jewels in this book include:

  • How to use the power of our thoughts to create the joyful, healthy, abundant lives we want
  • Tools to change stubborn behaviors that no longer serve us
  • Practices that can magically transform conflicts with other people
  • How understanding our connection to everything and everybody is a game-changer
  • Why the world needs us to dream our biggest dreams and to make them come true
  • And even Book Club Discussion Questions at the end of the book!