Tavra Search


I am searching for a beautiful child to help me launch my upcoming children’s book, entitled, Through Her Own Eyes:  Tavra’s Journey to Self-Love.

Obviously, until this pandemic has subsided, the usual way of doing book launches is on hold.  So, I will be launching my book VIRTUALLY at the end of March and would love to have a smart, bubbly, and beautiful child to help Princess Vati and me introduce this charming book to the world!

The book’s main character is Tavra.  She is approximately 9 years old.  With the help of Princess Vati, Tavra learns of the secret treasure that has been within her all along that makes her see herself and the world through new eyes!

What are we doing? 

We are doing a virtual book launch via Zoom, Facebook Live and Instagram near the end of March.  The child who is selected to play Tavra will read a short excerpt from the book along with Princess Vati.  This reading will be a fun experience for all of the children who are watching this virtual book launch!  It will help to bring the characters in the book to life!

All video submissions are due no later than 11 pm EST on February 28, 2021.  On March 5, 2021, the top 10 Finalist will be announced via Facebook and Instagram.  On March 12, 2021, the child selected to play Tavra will be announced.  

Once selected, your child will be given further guidelines for the hairstyle and the attire to be worn on the day of the book launch, and should approximate the picture of Tavra shown above.

After the selected child participates in the book launch, she will receive a small gift box as a token of our appreciation and to provide Tavra with a fond memory of this occasion.

**This is a Just For Fun activity and no compensation for participation will be provided to the parent or child now or in the future.

How Can I Enter My Child Into the TAVRA SEARCH?

There are 4 easy steps to include your child in the TAVRA SEARCH:

  1. Friend me on Facebook @Arvat McClaine or Follow Me on Instagram @ArvatMcClaine.
  • Tag 3 people in the comments of a post on Facebook or Instagram where the Tavra Search is being announced.
  • Post the audition video on your Facebook or Instagram Page and make sure you tag me (Arvat McClaine on Facebook or @ArvatMcClaine on Instagram) in the post and use #TAVRASEARCH.
  • Audition Videos should be 1-2 minutes long.
  • In this video, you child’s personality should shine through.  You/your child can be creative within the allotted time. (Examples of things to share include hobbies, special talents/interests, community service, etc.)
  • Your child must also read the following excerpt in the video:

            Tavra looked into the mirror and said, “I love you.”

            “What else would you say to yourself?” asked Princess Vati.

            “That God made me perfect just the way I am?” Tavra said, sounding a little unsure of                              herself.

            “Yes, tell yourself that now,” Princess Vati said.

            “God made you perfect just the way you are.”

            “What else would you say?” Princess Vati asked.

            “I am beautiful and funny and I love to play with bunnies. I am smart and classy and still                           a bit sassy. But even if none of this were true, Tavra, I love you for just being you!”

  • Sign Video/Photo Release Form if your child is selected to play Tavra.

All auditions are due by 11 pm EST February 28, 2021.